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Re: notes in general notes

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First, you don't need to have a current set of the MCP to know what are
the current version of ACI committee reports.  You can get that
information from the ACI website.  Just got the committees section and go
to the various numbered committee pages and they will list the current
committee documents available as well as those documents that are "under

Per that method, the website shows:

ACI 305R-99 is the lastest report/non-mandatory language document
available for hot weather concreting.  The committee is working on ACI
305.1-06, which is a specification (i.e. mandatory language document) for
hot weather concreting.

ACI 306R-88 (Reapproved 2002) is the latest report/non-mandatory language
document available for cold weather concreting.  ACI 306.1-90 is the
latest specification/mandatory language document available for for hot
weather concreting.  Both of those documents are listed as being "under
development" in that they are being revised.

ACI 117-90/117R-90 (Reapproved 2002) is the latest tolerance document (it
is in mandatory language and the non-mandatory language document [i.e. the
"R" document] is the commentary) available.  It is also listed as being

I will add that strictly speaking you SHOULD NOT be referencing any ACI
"R" documents in contract documents.  _ANY_ ACI document with an "R" in
the number is a non-mandatory language document.  In essencem, that means
that the document does not tell anyone (i.e. the contractor) that they
MUST/HAVE TO do anything.  Such documents in essense only really
"recommend" or "suggest" courses of action.  Thus, if you tell a
contractor to do hot weather concreting per ACI 305R-99, you are really
telling that contractor to do what s/he pleases.  Yes, there is a lot of
useful hot weather concreting procedures in the document, but the document
does not specifically tell you to use them.  It is really saying "if you
want to get good concrete in hot weather, then you may/can accomplish that
by doing this stuff", but there is nothing that says "do this".  The idea
is that YOU as the engineer must determine what in ACI 305R-99 is
appropriate and thus you want followed and then you must SPECIFICALLY
write those items into your contract documents (either general notes or
specifications).  You could potentially write it still in a way that
references the specific item in ACI 305R, but you should NOT just do some
bland, generic reference such as "For all hot weather concreting, do
concrete work per ACI 305R-99".  If you do the later, you run the
possibility of not getting what you want (since you really have not
clearly specified what you want...for example, do you really want them to
put ice in the concrete mix to cool it when above certain temperatures or
is that something that the contractor need not do...305R does not say
whether or not the contractor MUST do that but rather that it is good
practice in hot weather situations and leave it up to someone else [i.e.
the engineer] to determine if that MUST be done on his/her project) and
thus getting into a conflict with the contractor.  Now, this is not to say
that if you do the generic reference that a contractor will not do it
correctly (i.e. use good hot weather procedures), but if the contractor
does not do it correctly and you just have the generic reference, then you
likely will not have the ammunition to ultimately force the issue (i.e.
win if it goes to court).


Adrian, MI

On Thu, 8 Jun 2006, Joe Grill wrote:

> I've had to dig out an old set of my general notes.  I haven't had to use
> them in some time.
> Interesting, the last time I used them I had a reference to the cold weather
> concreting provisions contained in ACI 306R-88.  I have an old set of ACI
> documents that were given to me, but they are now outdated.  Now that I am
> living in Arizona I want to add a reference to Hot weather concreting
> provisions, but I don't know what the current ACI-02 document is.  I also
> had a reference to tolerances for rebar placing as ACI 117-90.
> I can't afford the set of ACI documents (and my company won't purchase) so
> can anyone out there, if you have the current ACI documents, give me the
> current references to these provisions.
> If not, that is OK.
> Thanks,
> Joe
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