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Re: Ivany Block

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I used it once on a project in PA (4-5 years ago).  It was chosen (requested) by the contractor, so he apparently had masons who were familiar with it.  I think we had 14-15' basement walls in some areas.  The strength of the block is higher than 1900psi, iirc, or perhaps it can be ordered as higher strength (3000 sticks in my mind).  As you suspect, it was shown to me as a time saving material. It also doesn't have head joint, so that's one less mortar-cmu interface to fail. Well, technically it has one, but if you fill all the cores, the head joint ends up in the middle of a cell.

There is a generic version which is produced, but I don't have the literature available at the moment.

CanitzCF(--nospam--at) wrote:
Anyone use this CMU for one of your projects? Per the manufacturer's literature, it appears to have the same strength properties as a "typical" CMU unit except that it's opened ended and slots occur atop the interior webs to allow horizontal rebar placement. I suspect that the material cost would be higher that the "typical" CMU unit but that labor cost savings may be realized since the unit is open ended to allow for the vertical rebar.
Charlie Canitz, PE
Annapolis, MD  
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