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Re: Dallas to Calatrava: Redesign within the Budget

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I've always found it interesting that nobody determines who the losers are in such situations, and how big the losses are. I mean, the people who move into the "new, hip" downtown moved from somewhere. The revitalized business environment means that those businesses chose not to establish a presence at some other location.

Then there's the category of stadia on municipal money: are the additional dollars in revenue really additional dollars, or are they just dollars which would have been spent/collected somewhere else? I'd say, in the case of a new stadium which is going to occur somewhere, and the location is under debate (as opposed to a bridge which is pretty or merely functional), the dollars are fixed and it is merely redistribution of the collection.

Oh, well, it's Friday afternoon, and I'm waxing cynical...time to go home and open a cold one.

David Fisher wrote:

People hire Calatrava not only because of the beauty of his architecture,
but also for the "trickle down" effect (for Bill P.) that comes to the
communities where he builds.

Just ask the people of Milwaukee, Wisconsin: the new art museum, which cost
4x the budget has led to a re-birth of the city and the lakefront...people
are actually moving back downtown...!

Similar statements can be made about Bilbao and the work Frank G. did for
Millennium Park in Chicago.

The benefits are worth the cost.

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