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Re: Dallas to Calatrava: Redesign within the Budget

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The Baltimore Orioles and San Francisco Giants Stadium Developements greatly revitalized the area in and around the ballpark location. In the Giant's case, the stadium used no public money and transformed a delapidated wasteland of warehouses and burned out buildings into a thriving area.

Of course, now by that example, it has totally screwed the 49ers, who desperately need a new stadium, but can't gain public funds because of the Giant's success... with only have 10 home games per year (counting exibition games versus 81 baseball games), the stadium isn't viable (especially since it's in a high seismic region and the location is on bay mud (200 million dollar foundation quote I believe). It also doesn't help that our owner gave up his job running the Video Store in the movie The Lost Boys and now runs the team.


On 6/9/06, Polhemus, Bill <BPolhemus(--nospam--at)> wrote:
For instance, it has been shown by in-depth study, that sports teams do
NOT add that much to the economy of a given city, other than "intangible

Just as you say, for every dollar taken in, there's a good part of a
dollar that goes out somewhere else in the city (e.g. folks are going to
the sports venue, so they don't go to the movies that weekend).

In truth, I think real economic value is ADDED when something is
PRODUCED--even if it's in the form of information or organized data.

"Bread and circuses" has always been a formula for public waste.

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I've always found it interesting that nobody determines who the losers
are in such situations, and how big the losses are.

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