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RE: Dan Quayle was Re: Dallas to Calatrava: Redesign within the Budget

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Subject: Dan Quayle was Re: Dallas to Calatrava: Redesign within the

This is urban legend, see

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I have noticed that, whether on the Right or the Left, we LOVE to gulp
down these Internet Legends without a thought as to their validity. It
used to be that this reflected the attitude "I'm getting it off the
Internet (and they're using nice fonts) so it MUST be correct."

However, there aren't that many Internet-neophytes left.

I'm now of the opinion that we read something, want to believe it, and
then pass it on as if "sending this to everyone you know" will somehow
give it the same force as "truth."

(N.B. I have seen a list of VERIFIED quotes from Mr. Quayle, and a
similar list of such from Algore. I'm telling you, Quayle had nothing on
Algore in the "insert foot in mouth" department--"During my service in
the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the
Internet" is one of the most celebrated).

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