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Wood Truss and Purlin Connections

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Does anyone know of a source for reference tables describing allowable loads for nailed plywood truss connections?  I am being called upon to do a lot of house plan reviews for local banks and this material would be useful in cutting down my time spent on them.
A second question regarding the use of 2x2 for holdowns at roof purlin-rafter connections.  Is it fairly common to place a 2x2 vertically, top nailed to a 2x3 purlin (flatwise) running across the top of the rafter, 2x2 is butted up against sideface of rafter and nailed in?  I saw this detail for the first time yesterday on a house that I had Simpson type hurricane clips specified for use, and I need to ensure that the holdown connections will be effective.
As far as wind loads go, we use 100mph winds, 1994 UBC, so the loads aren't that bad.
Any comments from those that do a lot of wood design would be much appreciated.

Terangue *Tiger* Gillham, PE
GK2, Inc.

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