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RE: Vish's jottings

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Please forward the files.

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From: G Vishwanath [mailto:gvshwnth(--nospam--at)] 
Sent: Tuesday, June 13, 2006 10:11 AM
To: steel steel; misc misc; seaint(--nospam--at)
Subject: Vish's jottings


I keep jotting down useful info from the three lists I
subscribe to including this one. 

These are collected in a simple text file and given a
reference number for looking up.

A table of contents makes it easy to find if the info
you are looking is available in this file.

I keep updating this file and have freely shared this
file from time to time with whoever asked.

It contains many useful nuggets of info that
interested me and was posted on these lists.

Mail me privately if you wish to receive a copy of the
latest updated file.

I have appended below the table of contents and two
samples of the info I have jotted down.

These are serial # 294, and 244 on from the table of
contents below.

The complete file is in plain text format of size 234
K and zips to 92K.



**101) Person.dwg to insert in a drawing to show
**103) Design procedures for cable handrailing systems
**104) forum for VBA and LISP 
**105) Pay per use
**106) Information about Ram Steel software packages
**107) Free Bill of Material program from
**108) Software for pocket pc
**109) web site for structural engineers forum of
**110) Recovering excel passwords
**111) viewing list archives
**112) Pro Steel user group
**113) Metric shapes
**114) Plotting files with GO Plot and pdf format
**115) Volo View
**116) Dave's web site with pictures of steel link
**117) Converting any file to a pdf file
**118) batch conversion of dwg to dxf files and vice
versa - free utility
**119) How to reinstall a corrupt Windows file:
**120) New 2001 Osha Regulations- short version, link
**121) List of News sites
**122) Structural Cad details on web
**123) A-Z of Laptops & Palmtops (Repairs and
**124) Other steel detailing groups
**125) Structuralist.Net
**126) newsgroups for Excel
**127) Web site for information about File Extensions
**128  Irfanview 
**129) Converting Acad drg to tiff file
**130) URL for help in stair detailing
**131) Stopping Pop Up Ads
**132) Engineering Tips
**133) Hilti web site
**134) Aluminum Shapes
**135) 5/16" and 3/8" single pass fillet weld?
**136) Inserting spread sheet into Acad
**137) Acad Tutorials
**138) Viewing plot files and other formats 
**139) Dwg file viewer and free Intellicad for Linux
**140) Weight of metal stud wall per sq foot
**141) sketchup ( sketch based 3d software, trial
**142  National Cad standards web site
**143) Multi Lat Spread sheet for wind/seismic loads
**144) Converting pdf files to tiff files
**145) Reference material on detailing stairs
**146) Cad publications
**147  Downloading bolt specifications
**148) Bolting and welding handbooks from steel
structures technology center
**149) Editing tif files
**150)  Scan2Cad, Cad2view, Parts/vendors, Cutting
Schedule, Squiggle, Rhinoceros
**151)  Beamchek
**152)  AISC articles on bolts lenghts etc.
**153)  Converting acad drgs or other files to pdf
**154)  Inserting pdf files into autocad.
**155)  AISC Articles on specifying grades of steel
**156)  New x steel users group.
**157)  Web site for info on Paper Space
**158)  Converting Microstation to acad files.
**159)  Information on venting for galvanizing
**160)  Listing of lisp sites
**161)  WinWood (A handy reference for timber/lumber)
by Archon Engineering
**162)  Discussion list for CADD users.
**163)  listing of approved primers for use in SC
**164)  Downloading 2000 RCSC specification 
**165)  iges viewer or converter
**166)  Diagrams for scaled persons, free 3D models 
**167)  Reading Autocad drgs without having autocad
**168)  Downloading AISC specs
**169)  Downloading AISC logo
**170)  Converting plot files to tif files/ drawing
**171)  Books on hip and valley
**172)  information about stair/handrail from NOMMA
**173)  AISC special report : Economy in Steel Design
**174)  About 3DStructures.
**175)  SteelTools Pay-Per-Use software products
**176)  Lift Latch, and Hoover Fence Company products
**177)  Online Prosteel 3D (and also X steel) 
**178)  Detailers's virtual office, web site with
pictures of steel link members.
**179)  Kiss Files.
**180)  WPS Designer, for developing and evaluating
welding procedures
**181)  Cad drgs for rigging hardware
**182)  Cracking Excel Passwords
**183)  Renting X steel at $40 per day (Web4 Inc.)
**184)  Masonry strap anchors.
**185)  Hill side washers
**186)  Free blocks and drawings on steel link web
**187)  Plotting tiff files with Irfan view.
**188)  Sex Bolts (Yes, Sex bolts not misspelt Hex
**189)  Detailing for Steel Construction - Second
**190)  Steel Grade called "V50"
**191)  Properties of Old steel shapes
**192)  Book for learning to use VBA for Autocad
**193)  Web site for various hatch patterns
**194)  When to use plate washers?
**195)  grade for checkered plate?
**195a)  Info about cooldetailers list
**196)  steel weights quick reference and steel shapes
**197)  Info on fire walls
**198)  Tie off holes
**199)  Formula for Calculating Allowable uniform
**200)  Site for fonts
**201) Steel sites
**202) Encyclopaedia sites
**203) History sites
**204) site for maps
**205) free software Per British specifications.
**206) Volo View
**207) software TSD2000 and Steelware
**208) Free stuff on steel-link
**209) site for fonts
**210) Free download of RCSC specs and Aisc specs
**211) Caged ladder 
**212) Structural engineering links - E V Povov's page
**213) Dictionary and thesaurus on line
**214) information on ASTM A992 and specs on materials
**215) Shareware tools for text editing in Autocad
**216) Zone alarm
**217) Smart joist pay per use software download
**218) downloading OSHA in pdf format
**219) properties of german Din sections on the net
**220) Hip and valley web site
**221) pipe end cut template program Sheet Lightning
and Devpipe
**222) Julius Blum - glass panel railing systems
**223) AVG antivirus from
**224) Pro steel users group
**225) Free course on Curtain wall primer for
structural engineers
**226) Autocad users groups
**227) X steel Dongle emulators
**228) 15 lesssons in autolisp on the net.
**229) Descriptive Geometry formulas
**230) Parametric programming in Autocad and tips and
**231) Recovering passwords in excel
**232) Web sites for Autocad tutorials
**233) Hipmaster
**234) Lejune bolts
**235) Wagner bracket in X sgeel
**236) ACAD tips and tricks
**237) Formulas for Descriptive Geometry
**237a) Locking an Autocad dwg
**238) Getting yahoo mail in outlook express
**239) Converting Acad dwgs to pdf  
**240) Google's free picassa software for orgnasing
**241) FREE IntelliCAD 2005LT (Pcad2005LT)
**242) Dwf to dwg converter
**243) Free Drawing conversion utility
**244) Reducing Acad file size
**245) Lisp Generator
**246) Info on steel studs
**247) Cad blocks of ornamental designs (
**248) Printing a directory list and comparing hard
drive contents.
**249) Tip for Text clarity on LCD screens
**249) European Grades for Steel
**250) Web sites for info on bolts.
**251  Downloading Open office / Easy Office (free)
**252) Boltable Embed plate (VeRost Anchor Plate)
**253) Search multiple Auto Cad files for specific
text within the drawing
**254) free online scan at
**255) Design Utilities
**256) Gusset plate plotter
**257) Drawing gateway for converting between dwg
**258  Use of plate washers
**259  Making outline of imported image invisible and
Scan2Cad(for image editing).
**260) Free Cad
**261) 2005 Specification for Steel Buildings
**262) Davis Parsons connection spreadsheets
**263) Cutepdf and freeware
**264  Convert newer AutoCAD files so you can read
them with older versions. (Dwg Gateway and Cadwizz)

**265)  Free X steel viewer
**266)  Hilti web site
**267)  Miscellaneous Utilities 
**268)  Find the CD Key for your Windows installation 
**269)  Web site for galvanizing info
**270)  Bushwick Metals Catalog on steel products
**271)  CIS/2 to VRML and IFC Translator
**272)  Blog of an excel expert
**273)  Sending files (any size) to others without
mailing, or registration formalities.
**274)  converting plt files to dxf files
**275)  MetaliCal Inc. Metal Weight & Cost Calculator
**276)  No of field bolts per ton.
**277)  Kiss format to EJE format
**278)  Procedure for making a pdf extract of the
screen display
**279)  Copy of SJI manual copy in pdf format
**280)  converter for DWF to DWG?
**281)  Wintopo: Free Raster to Vector conversion 
**282)  Installing Kodak Imaging in Win XP
**283)  Comparison of Hand rail code requirements
**284)  Columbus (for viewing 300 file types)
**286)  Free viewer for Autocad files
**287   The 13th Ed. of AISC Manual
**288)  Yahoo online dictionary with pronunciation
**289)  Editing pdf files without Adobe Acrobat
**290)  Resizing and adding captions to jpg image
**291)  Pop up calender in Excel.
**292)  Assigning a shift key combination to another
**293)  Viewer for Acad files.
**294)  Steel construction costs in USA
**295)  batch printing / plotting of pdf files
**296)  Speed up PDF Plotting
**297)  New Millenium joists and girders seating
**298)  Detail Cad Genie
**299)  Acad 14 to pdf
**300   Site for Civil engineering calculations.
**301)  Plotting pdf's on HP 430
**302)  (Softscan) Scanning BOM in Dwgs for material
list computation.
**303)  Batch Plotting in Autocad
**304)  .cpc files and converting them to tif
**305)   Excel tip on conditional formatting of text
**306)   Fillet weld strength in new AISC 2005 Manual
**307)   Viewing DGN files
**308)   Typing Foreign and Special Characters
**309)   Google Sketch
**310)   New bolt values
**311)   Placing a time code in spreadsheet as expiry
**312)   Link for listing of weld symbols and
**313)   Software for calculating sectional properties
of deck sections
**314)   Site for Excel Tips
**315)   Caged Ladder link
**316)   Steel Glossaries
**317)   Wood sizes and timber dimenions
**318)   Mobile phone tips and tricks
**319)   Compare 2 AutoCAD drawings 

**294 Steel construction costs in USA

Can anybody specify a ballpark figure for the cost of
structure (structural cost only minus the finishing &
elec/HVAC/plumbing) for a normal 2 or 3 storied office
or institutional building (like a high =
school) in USA.

Also what would be an average breakup for the material
/ labor cost ratio.

Just ballpark figures to get a rough idea.
From: Polhemus, Bill

Best thing to do is get a copy of R. S. Means' "Square
Foot Costs"  book.
Thanks Bill,

The site has some quite useful info.
Also check out:

Matthew Stuart
Structural Department



Reducing Acad file size

From: "kdviator" <kviator(--nospam--at)>
Subject: Acad file is large

Acad file is 47,864 kb, I starting deleting items to
try to reduce size, this did not help. Have erased
everything in drawing and still size does not change.
Anybody have clute on whats going on. Seems to 
have something in the back ground running. But I have
no clue.

I don't know which version you're using but these
steps work for me:

1. Load dwg and before you do anything else, do a
purge command and get rid of all unreferenced garbage.

2. Do a zoom extents to see if you have any zingers
out in la la land. 
3. When a zoom extents fills the display with just
your dwg, start the erase command; for select, type
"all" but DON'T hit enter yet because this will select
everything in your dwg for erasure.

Take notice of the number of entities that are
Now (while still in the erase command) type "R" (to
remove items from the selection set) and then type "C"
for "crossing" and drag a crossing window just barely
around your sheet so you're in effect, removing
everything you want to keep from the current erase

Now take notice of the amount of entities removed to
see if it's different from the amount selected when
you typed "all".  You can now hit enter and all
entities (many which were probably invisible) outside
your dwg will be removed.  It's amazing how much
unneeded garbage builds up in a dwg over time.

While the above may have reduced your dwg quite a bit,
you also may want to try "WBlocking" the entire dwg
out to itself which will get rid of a lot of unused
stuff too.

Hope this helps.


Save AS did it, after save as file size was 14 mgs
from 47 mgs.
From: "Peter Officer" <peter_m_o(--nospam--at)>
Subject: Empty AutoCAD drawing - large file size?

I have an AutoCAD 2000 drawing with my company border
that's over 4Mb. 
This seems like a very big file for such a small
amount of information. 
I've deleted all lines, etc., xrefs, blocks and
purged. The file size is still around 4Mb. The
"standard" AutoCAD templates are pretty small 
in comparison (a couple of hundred kilobytes).
What could be causing my drawing file to be so large
once I've got rid of everything?


From: "Alexandr" <alex(--nospam--at)>
If you have AutoCAD 2004 or higher, you can try purge
Example of command prompt:

Command: -PURGE

Enter type of unused objects to purge 
Mlinestyles/Tablestyles/Regapps/All]: R
Deleting registered application
Deleting registered application
Deleting registered application
Deleting registered application
Deleting registered application
Deleting registered application
Deleting registered application "AVE_ENTITY_MATERIAL".
Deleting registered application "AVE_GLOBAL".
8 registered applications deleted.

Alex Borodulin
 From: "Sridge" <MLOGAN6510(--nospam--at)ALLTEL.NET>

CDG Purge is a program that will help get rid of
hidden items that the  purge command wont. I use it
all the time. It was a free program at one 
time. Don't know if it still is.
From: "Brian Gaede" <bgaede(--nospam--at)>

Its still free and what it can do will dazzle you.
Brian Gaede
From: "Rebecca L. Davis" <lyn-beck(--nospam--at)>

When I have this problem, I dxfout and then open the
dxf.  Let me know if that helps.

From: "Peter Officer" <peter_m_o(--nospam--at)>

Thanks to everyone that replied. I found the CDGPURGE
program online and that's fixed the problem. After I
do a regular purge, CDG reduces the file I'm having
problems with from 4Mb to 26Kb. Awesome!!! This seems
to be a known AutoCAD 2000 problem looking at the
Autodesk Knowledge base article sent to me by Tim

However, the fixes they recommend didn't seem to work
for me.

Download CDGPURGE at:-

Installation Instructions:-

Unzip the files into a new folder. Use "APPLOAD"
command to load "CDGPurge40.fas" and type -CDGPURGE to
start the command. If you want CDGPurge to load
automatically, just add "CDGPurge40.fas" to your
startup suite. Thanks

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