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Re: 2006 FIFA World Cup: Who Cares?

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I am so glad that someone actually mentioned cricket in here. It would have been even better had you called it "football" instead of soccer, since this is the sport where they play a ball with their foot. Unlike a sport which they play with their hands and still call it football. And the ones who win the superbowl called the "WORLD CHAMPIONS". Oh for crying out aloud.

"Caldwell, Stan" <scaldwell(--nospam--at)> wrote:
Casey & Friends:

Who cares about soccer? After the debacle yesterday, soccer is truly
irrelevant in North America. Even in the best of times, soccer is about
as entertaining as baseball or cricket. All three are sports to be
played, not watched.

The only sport that matters right now, except for those in North Alberta
and North Carolina, is NBA basketball.


Mav Fan Stan
Happy In Dallas


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Subject: RE: OT. Excel for 2006 FIFA World CUP


From: Casey K. Hemmatyar [mailto:khemmatyar(--nospam--at)]
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Subject: RE: OT. Excel for 2006 FIFA World CUP

I did send the file to those who had sent me private emails.

Those of you who still can not download the file, send me a private
email to: and I'll directly email you the file.

Casey Hemmatyar, PE


FWIW, I used to think I didn't like soccer because there wasn't enough

Now, I realize I don't like it because there's not enough goal scoring
by the U.S.A.

(Good thing we can continue to pretend we don't like soccer, and
therefore don't care).

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