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RE: 2006 FIFA World Cup: Who Cares?

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Soccer is more entertaining than baseball and who even understands

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I cannot speak to Cricket, as I have no knowledge of the game.

However, I have a good understanding of most of the other sports
utilizing ball (or puck), and I have to say this, unequivocally:

There is no more perfect game than baseball. It's as if it were inspired
by heaven. The subtleties of the game rival that of chess, the
strategies you may employ, the skills required, etc., are unendingly

Those skills aren't merely athletic. In (American) football, you have
"skill positions" and those that aren't so skilled. Soccer and hockey
don't require much in the way of thought; the object is simple though
the physical skills required are great.

But baseball is just in a class by itself. You can spend a lifetime
studying and pondering it, and come up with new revelations concerning
it. It is no wonder that it is, by far, the favorite team sport in the
Orient, where the lines between the physical and the mental have always
been blurred. It is also no wonder that so many "metaphysical" books and
articles have been written concerning it.

I say this, having really never played the game. I only really became a
baseball fan a short decade ago, after moving to Houston and having a
hometown team to follow. I am an Astros fan, truly, but by watching the
game more closely, and listening to the commentary, and noticing all the
things it takes to win (or lose) a game, it eventually dawned on me how
absolutely SUBLIME it is.

It truly is The Perfect Sport.

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