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Re: 2006 FIFA World Cup: Who Cares?

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I always knew there was something wrong with you, Bill. This just confirms it. I've always viewed baseball, as played by Americans, as an excuse to get outside, chat with friends, drink a few beers, and grab some good food (I'm thinking of Boog's Grill at Camden Yards, not hot dogs). It just so happens that there are a dozen guys, most of them standing around, down on a pretty green field who are playing a game which causes you and your group of friends to cheer occasionally, or groan, as the situation requires, before returning to your unrelated conversation.

Of course, in my days playing baseball as a youngster, I was never a good pitcher. I was one of the few kids who could reliably hit second base from home plate while sitting on my rear end, but didn't have the coordination to play the other infield positions, so I played catcher. Since 98% of baseball is pitching, 1.9% is hitting, and the last mil is left to the other 8 players on the field, you have to be a good pitcher or a great hitter to matter. Not that I'm bitter. (For those who say it's not 98% pitching, why are most big games billed as <pitcher> vs <opposing team>. I've given hitters a nod, since occasionally, the matchups will be billed as a pitcher vs. a single hitter)

Lest you think I'm a soccer fan, it (or football for those outside of the states) is not my favorite either. It looks mostly like hockey, but with a ball on turf, and the fans tend to end up in brawls instead of the players.


I cannot speak to Cricket, as I have no knowledge of the game.

However, I have a good understanding of most of the other sports
utilizing ball (or puck), and I have to say this, unequivocally:

There is no more perfect game than baseball. It's as if it were inspired
by heaven. The subtleties of the game rival that of chess, the
strategies you may employ, the skills required, etc., are unendingly

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