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RE: 2006 FIFA World Cup: Who Cares?

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I shudder to admit this, but I agree with Bill P. wrt the game of baseball.  Personally, I'd rather watch a 3-hr baseball game on TV, than watch some long-haired freak go into convulsions after scoring a goal, or act like a sniper caught him from 1,000 yds after an opponent's hangnail brushes against him....
Disclaimer 1:  My apologies to those in the DC area and the sniper comment.  I mean no disrespect...
Disclaimer 2:   My dad forced me to play soccer when I was 8, I played for 6 years, and never liked it one bit.

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I've always viewed baseball, as played by Americans, as an excuse to get

outside, chat with friends, drink a few beers, and grab some good food.

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So? Spectator sports have always been an excuse for revelry and
socializing, what of it?

I'm talking about the game itself, not what *some* spectators will do.

Have you ever gone to a ballpark and watched the people who really get
into the game? Ever bought a scorecard and scored the game right along
with the action?

Ever delved into individual player and team stats--a science unto
itself? Ever talked with someone who collected thousands of baseball
cards as a kid, and could tell you the year-by-year batting averages of
their favorite players?

Sure there are a lot of people who go to the ballpark and pay scant
attention to what is going on. That has nothing to do with my point.

Which is that the game of baseball is truly awesome--so ineffably
perfect that I do believe it's origins are divine, not human at all.

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