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RE: 2006 FIFA World Cup: Who Cares?

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Dsiclaimer:  I'm fresh out of disclaimers...   :-(

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Subject: RE: 2006 FIFA World Cup: Who Cares?
Disclaimer 2:   My dad forced me to play soccer when I was 8, I played for 6 years, and never liked it one bit.

FWIW: I do like soccerâ??but as Stan Caldwell said, I think in the U.S. soccer will always be a â??participation sport,â?? not a spectator sport, on the same level as softball or volleyball, fwiw.
I had my son in soccer when he was a kidâ??heâ??s now 28 years old. He enjoyed it very much and played competitively in high school. Now, my two grandsons ages 5 & 6 are playing. Itâ??s a great game for kids, gives them massive opportunities to run off all that energy, and come home tired (and less likely to run around in the house).
I very much enjoy watching â??ourâ?? football (American football to you from beyond our shores), whether at the high school, collegiate or professional level. For years, I was kind of a â??football onlyâ?? guy, as is typical here in the South.
But once I got REALLY involved as a spectator of baseball, I was mesmerized.
Lately, my six year old grandson, for some reason I have no clue concerning, has become a big, big Houston Astros fan. He insists we watch the game EVERY NIGHT. He has picked up on how itâ??s scored, what is meant by balls and strikes, some of the positions, even some rudiments of strategy. This kid is hooked. Weâ??ve now bought him and his brother their first mitts, a nice â??Houston Astros Louisville Sluggerâ?? aluminum T-ball bat and a tee, and it is inevitable that the kid is going to be out on the field when â??fall baseballâ?? begins with the next school year.
I want him to continue with soccer, but right now I can tell you which one heâ??d rather play. This was HIS idea, not ours. We introduced him to soccer, but he has introduced himself to baseball, and he canâ??t get enough.

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