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RE: 2006 FIFA World Cup: Who Cares?

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Subject: RE: 2006 FIFA World Cup: Who Cares?

Approximately one billion people watched a football game yesterday.


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They do--and I think it's a grand spectacle.

FWIW, this is NOT a zero-sum game. It is POSSIBLE that MORE THAN ONE
team sport has virtues to recommend it.

As I said, I enjoy watching a lot of different sports, at least a
little. This year I took in more than one English Premier League game on
Fox World Sports--the nurse at my Doctor's office grew up in north
London so I've become somewhat partial to Tottenham Hotspur (though I
secretly like Arsenal a bit as well, though I'd never tell her that. I
think that's like saying you like both the Cubs AND the White Sox; it
just isn't done).

So I understand the enthusiasm. It's just that in the U.S.--with our
"bread and circuses" mentality--we have a LOT of entertainment options
including sports, and soccer has to get in line (at the back of the
line, in fact). I don't believe that most of the other nations,
especially in the third world, are that preoccupied with spectator
sports as we are, so perhaps the concentrate their attentions on

Hey, can't we all just get along? I'm feeling multicultural today.

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