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Keynote reference standards - classification numbers

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I wish to create keynotes in Autocad ADT 2007 so that I can automate my shearwall schedules. I want to include a set of plywood shear walls that originate with a 3D wall standard as well as creating proprietary walls in a custom tool that can be used on each drawing.

I’ve been modeling my drawings in 3D using the ADT package since Revit is not an affordable upgrade for me and my concern is that 2D details appear accurate. Since starting with 3D modeling back in ADT 2004 and using it exclusively since ADT 2006 I found the improvements to be bringing ADT into the modern age of technology. The two main reasons for 3D modeling is to discover the errors that Architects create in elevation differences or when the do not leave sufficient floor thickness to install adequate framing or the installation of trusses that I can feed mechanical ducts through. The goal has reduced my field time tremendously (combined with pre-construction meetings) and to reduce he discrepancy in framing that is not well thought out by the Architect when trying to fit a building into the overall-height limits established by local municipalities.

For now, I wish to automate my shearwalls and hardware to save time and I know that there is a numbered standard used in the component library for each component materials. However, I don’t know where to find a complete list that includes most structural materials.

Can anyone provide me a list by division and class or suggest where I can find one that is specifically geared for structural components?




Dennis S. Wish, PE

California Professional Engineer

C-41250 Exp. March 31, 2007

Structural Engineering Consultant.