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Hurricane and Multi-batch

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Thanks to Micheal Lau, Ed Borg, Brian Gaede and Mike
Fischer from misciron-detail(--nospam--at) for one
more useful entry in my jottings file.

I have just added the link to Hurricane and

See the text below this mail for the contents that
have just been added. 

These are really useful leads.

We spend a lot of time sometimes doing the same set of
operations on many dwgs generated by X steel and
painstakingly touched up in Autocad.

I will explore this option too.

My jottings file has proved popular and I have
received more requests than I thought I would receive.

The file has been built up with contributions from all
of you over a period of about 4 to 5 years.

There is a lot that I have missed but what I have
recorded is still quite substantial.

Drops of water like these soon add up to a pail full.

You never know what info you will need and when.

With this jottings file, I feel better armed.
Once a month or so, I just run my eye over the list of
contents to refresh my memory so that I can say  "Yes,
I think I have some info on this. Let me look it up"

Some one asked me why I didn't use Google.

Google is overkill.

We need a more specialized and effective weapon for
our limited and immediate need. A hydrogen bomb is
useless when what you need is a just a good stick.
When you need to move a pebble, don't use a bull


Item no 321 just added to my jottings file. It's still
available. There is no last date for asking.

**321 for batch processing of autocad dwgs.

I have exported Xsteel drawings to DXF format that
need to be rescaled..
approx. 100 of them, is there a way to do these all at
Michael S. Lau
I'm not sure if this can be done; but you might be
able to create a macro or script file to automate the
Edward Borg
Yes, you can use an AutoCAD batch script program such
as Hurricane. <> 

I couldn't live without it!
-------------- will do this.

Brian Gaede

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