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Re: Hurricane and Multi-batch

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Makes me think that a Structural Engineering Wiki would be a fabulous resource. Alas, I haven't the faintest clue where to start when it comes to a project like this. Then again, the seaint list started as just an idea, too.


G Vishwanath wrote:

With this jottings file, I feel better armed.
Once a month or so, I just run my eye over the list of
contents to refresh my memory so that I can say  "Yes,
I think I have some info on this. Let me look it up"

Some one asked me why I didn't use Google.

Google is overkill.

We need a more specialized and effective weapon for
our limited and immediate need. A hydrogen bomb is
useless when what you need is a just a good stick.
When you need to move a pebble, don't use a bull


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