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Re: welding nuts follow-up

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Another approach; IF this connector is loaded in shear
and is not a slip critical connection, then the weld
will have to take all the load until the bolt slips
into bearing.  A spot weld will not take much load.

If it is a fully tensioned connection, well then there
is no slip.

Keep up posted!

Phoenix, AZ

--- "S. Gordin" <mailbox(--nospam--at)> wrote:

> From the manufacturer I work with:
> "...After our conversation the other day, I can
> respond by telling you that the first portion of the
> "fabricators general note inclusion" by Bob Garner
> [does not sound quite right]... ASTM A563 for Grade
> DH3 material information [nuts, actual material test
> reports, and certificates that we have use for our
> bridges needs to be examined] before this dilemma
> becomes a problem for us down the line. 
> The second half of the [Bob Garner's note appears] a
> reiteration of your general note that states: "Weld
> structural steel in compliance with AWS D1.1, latest
> edition". My feeling is that fabricators should be
> incorporating tack welds into finish welds to be in
> compliance, the AWS D1.1 section doesn't need to be
> cited; otherwise every section of AWS D1.1 should be
> entered into the general notes.....Where would it
> stop! 
> The real dilemma here is the "weldability" of the
> ASTM A563 Grade DH3 nut. Just a quick look into the
> ASTM Specification for A588/A 588M-01 material
> weldability, the use of a welding procedure suitable
> for the grade of steel and intended service is
> specified. The specification also directs you to
> ASTM specification A6/A6M appendix X3 for the
> weldability of steel and its references. Like I
> mentioned the other day, the qualifying document
> here will be a welding procedure that covers the
> base material of the A563 grade DH3 nut. 
> As I have more time, I will research more." 
> Steve Gordin SE
> Irvine CA

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