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Back in times- 1st concrete Skyscrapers

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Dear all,
I was reading a paper "Evolution of Concrete Skyscrapers:from Ingalls to Jinmao" by Mir M. Ali. Since it talked about Jinmao, it interested me as I have studied in Shaghai before.
What interested me the most was something Mir M. wrote (quoted below):

"The history of concrete high-rise truly belongs to the realm of the twentieth century.
E. L.Ransome's system of casting square, twisted, steel bars with concrete as a frame with slabs and concrete exterior walls was used in the Ingalls Building in Cincinnati, Ohio, the first 15-story concrete "skyscraper" built in 1903 by A. O. Elzner. Initial speculation by the news media and many skeptics in the construction profession predicted that once shoring was removed, the
building would crack and crumble under its own weight or through shrinkage during curing.
One news reporter stayed awake all night waiting for the event in order to be the first to provide news coverage of such a catastrophe. Fortunately, they were proven wrong for the building remained standing. When first designed, tremendous city fires around the world had destroyed numerous steel tall buildings."

Is that Ingalls building(Ohio) still in existence?
I wonder if anyone of us today would have been such brave to get a 15story building up then since there were no references to building such while having to contend with media skeptics and, well,some professionals(which can be such troublesome).

[Back in times, like I missed the times.]


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