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RE: Cricket Explained

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I sat through 1 game (Toronto Blue Jays vs N Y Yankees) that lasted 5.5 
hours and I swore I would never go to a baseball game again.

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But you DO realize that was a rare event.

I once went to a double-header - that's where you have TWO games played
on the same day between the same teams; the first one ends and the
second one begins about twenty minutes later--they're pretty rare
occurrences now although "back in the day" when teams traveled by train
they were pretty common.

Anyway, it was between the San Diego Padres and the Houston Astros, at
the old Astrodome. The FIRST game extended into extra innings, I think
it ended after twelve. We took our seats at 3:00 in the afternoon, and
didn't get out of there until about one o'clock in the morning. But it
was a LOT of fun.

The thing you have to remember about baseball is, no game can end in a
tie. You continue until someone wins (unlike "association rules
football"--a.k.a. soccer--where a nil-nil tie is something to be
relished and talked about for hours at the pub as a fine, fine
event--whatever). Well, no game, that is, except the 2002 MLB All-Star
Game, which Commissioner Selig called because "both teams had run out of
players" after 11 innings.

But the talk about how long a game goes on reminds me of the following:

An American was visiting Vienna, Austria one spring. His host took him
to the concert hall to hear the famed Vienna Philharmonic. On the
program that night were works by R. Strauss, Wagner, and Mahler. Of
course, the concert lasted over six hours.

At the end, the American remarked to the Viennese: "Goodness, why are
your concerts so long? Each piece was two hours in length!"

The Viennese looked at him with a very puzzled expression and replied
"But...but we LIKE music."

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