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Re: Cricket Explained

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I think the heads of the pro football, baseball, and basketball leagues 40 years ago were in their living rooms one day bored out of their minds watching a cricket match in hour 17. They said, "hey let's stick it to these non-american guys and call the best team in our respective sports the World Champion". Let's make it worse for them, since we are the only country that actually has a professional team in each of these sports at the time we conceived the title World Champion, we shall rub it further in their faces by spreading these sports to everywhere we can on this planet. That way, when those countries do get their pro teams, we can further push it even further in their faces when our North American team that wins the Super Bowl, World Series, or NBA Playoffs is then again Crowned World Champion. Because we do know that those other countries would pose a considerable challenge, but we deny them the opportunity. Let them stew on that one those damn foreigners.... yeah, sounds like a good plan... let's do it...The great American Plans to insult the globe shall never die!!!

And what the hell is this America's Cup?... how dare they? The gaul of these Americans! America wouldn't have even been discovered if it wasn't for sailors from other countries.

The best players in the world in football, baseball, and basketball come to the US to play professionally. The team that wins, is the best team in that sport, IN THE WORLD, that particular year and deserve the title WORLD CHAMPIONS. That may not always be the case, but it's certainly the case today. In the United States, the best are given an opportunity to play, regardless of the nation of origin, and we don't care if your 2nd uncle on your great grandmother's side 85 years ago was born in an embassy of some european nation and therefore are qualified to play on that nation's national team (MIKE PIAZZA).


Go Italy! Go USA!


On 6/17/06, Aswin Rangaswamy <aswinpe(--nospam--at)> wrote:
No it could be called the International Cricket Team (similar to IBC :) ).  A match between two such local teams could be World Series.
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Maybe the US should try to find a few high school baseball players and put together a cricket team and call it the dream team.