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RE: Cricket Explained

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It is for nothing that there is a saying, "One man's food is another's, poison".


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A match between two such local teams could be World Series.

Foreigners who get indignant about the “world series” thing seem to think this is an example of American arrogance. It isn’t. It’s an example of American tendency toward showmanship and hype.
P. T. Barnum called his circus “The Greatest Show On Earth.” Does that mean he was saying “all other shows on earth and not as good as mine”? No, he was saying “hm, how can I make a blatant statement that will sell more tickets?”
In other words, there is no intent to insult anyone—we don’t sit around here in the U.S. and think to ourselves “how can we insult other countries today?” No, the truth is at once more and less sinister than that. We amuse ourselves, and we really don’t think that much about what’s going on somewhere else.

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