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Re: Cricket Explained

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The America's Cup has an unusual story.  The New York Yacht Club won the first one with the yacht named "America", and they won by such a large margin that it is said "there was no second place".  To some extent, that was true.  (The other boat was, say 23 miles behind in a 24 mile race.)  When they bought the trophy to New York, they nailed it down to the club's floor or to a table which was nailed to the floor, I'm not sure which, and arrogantly stated that the head of the skipper who looses the cup will be put in its place.  The cup stayed there, nailed down, for over 100 years.  The New York Yacht Club had the additional advantage of being able to make the rules.   Despite these restrictions, the Australians won it.
The reality of the head replacement threat was all hype, which the media believed.  They just pulled the nails out.  I believe the skipper is still around and still a member.   
The U. S. got it back for a while, but it was the San Diego Yacht Club that bought it back to the United States, it never got back to New York.
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I was joking, but thanks, I didn't know that. I do know that for many years, a US boat won every year until either New Zealand or Austrialia (can't remember which) one the cup in the 80's.


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And what the hell is this America's Cup?... how dare they?


Because the first yacht to win the trophy was named the "America."