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RE: Cricket Explained Again and Again

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And don't a lot of Canadians get indignant when an American team (even 
with a lot of Canadians) wins the Stanley Cup?


But with professional teams, that makes a good point.

When they have the Champion's League thingy in Europe, how funny is it
that the team that wins it, no matter from what country, is made up of
players from all over the world (including the U.S., in fact).

Not a big deal or anything, but even professional soccer is as mercenary
as any U.S. professional sports league.

(Personally, I'm rooting for the Edmonton Oilers to win it this year. I
have fond memories of the old WHA, when the "Birmingham Bullies" were
beating up the league on the ice, if not on the scoreboard. I actually
saw Wayne Gretzky his very first season--first pro hockey game I ever

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