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RE: Cricket Explained

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That sounds hilarious...

Except that it sounds too close to "arrogance" for comfort!

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I guess you could say it's "arrogant." But the fact is, Americans are
really pretty isolationist. Whether you credit it or no, we've typically
had to be dragged kicking and screaming into world affairs. The "get
U.S. out of the U.N." movement has always been fairly vocal, for

We're a pretty big country compared to most. Yes, there are others
larger in size, but even the most "remote" area of the U.S. has
electricity, running water and cable TV. You can move pretty much
anywhere you want, and feel comfortable there.

We've always just done our own thing. We are pretty egalitarian, and the
people here are strong individualists. So the notion that we "suit
ourselves" naturally arises from that. We don't spend a lot of time
fretting about how others see us because we consider that we don't
really need anyone else.

We don't seek to bother anyone else, and trust that we won't be
bothered. And when we DO get "bothered," we tend to respond pretty
forcefully (unless there's a modern Democrat in the White House, at

We are also very welcoming, as hundreds of thousands of European,
Indian, Chinese and other immigrants can attest. As long as you desire
to come here and be part of what we are, nobody has any problem with it.
Just learn the language, and learn to love baseball and football.

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