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RE: Cricket Explained

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> I have been trying to like football but baseball? no way!

I'm kidding.

We actually have four "major" professional sports here, each with their
own avid following (with some overlap, of course). In order of
popularity they are: Football, Baseball, Basketball, Ice Hockey.

We also have some professional team sports that are more for the
dilettante: Soccer (MLS), Lacrosse (who knew?), and Rugby. And politics,
I guess.

I assume there are cricket leagues.

There are also non-team sports like golf, tennis, auto racing, boxing,
"extreme" sports, etc. that have their followers (and participants).

We're a big d*mn country with a LOT of different people with different

Welcome in.

> I will be offended if anyone as much as think that NBA champions
> not be called "World Champions", even if they happen to be Mavs!

Which they happen NOT to be!

(N.B. Taking my grandsons to their first live baseball game tonight. My
eldest grandson, 7, is just beside himself. He woke up this morning
yelling "Astros!" I hope for his sake that they decide to come to play
tonight. They've had a bit of a problem figuring out if they're in the
Major Leagues or not, lately).

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