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RE: Open building with pitched roof

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Thanks for your concern.  The last report I heard was the fire is still only 5% to 10% contained.  There are some homes I have heard that are in danger in Oak Creek Canyon, but, again the last I have heard, is that none have been lost yet.


Generally we get some rain in the winter, except last winter there was virtually none.  The “monsoon” season generally starts after the first of July.  Last year the monsoons only brought lightning, and very little rain.  I’m afraid this is the beginning of a very long fire season around here.  My wife and I are a bit nervous as we bought 2.5 acres near Cottonwood (20 miles from Sedona) a year ago and hope to build starting next winter.  We hope the property survives this fire season.  I was out on a country road last weekend target shooting, and won’t do it again until we get some moisture.  It was really scary how dry everything is.  Otherwise, we are doing fine, and thank you very much for asking.  We really love the area and hope we can stay, although the market for structural engineering is very poor here, unless you charge $20.00 per hour.  It’s very hard to compete here working for a larger company.  My wife has a very good job, although it keeps her traveling a fair amount (7 states).


Hopefully, there is a silver lining to this fire.  I am from Wyoming, and remember the fires in Yellowstone Park back in ’88, I think.  Anyway, 10 years later when I was living in Jackson Hole, many areas of the park were lush and green.  Burning off a lot of the old pine allowed the grasses and young trees to grow.  The wildlife seems to be thriving in many of the burned areas.  I don’t know if that will happen hear as it takes much longer for new growth due to the arid nature of the area.


It has definitely changed around here in 45 years.  If you ever get back here be sure you get in touch.


Thanks again



Joseph R. Grill, P.E. (Structural)

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Joe, I was glad to see your messages [including the lighthearted follow-up on active pressure coefficient].  I was hoping that the fire in Oak Creek Canyon wouldn’t trouble you – how are things with you & yours?.  I’ve had fond memories of that area since my bride and I spent our honeymoon there about 45 years ago.


Nels Roselund, SE

South San Gabriel, CA


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Subject: Open building with pitched roof


A couple of weeks ago, I ask a question regarding wind loads on an open structure with a pitched roof.  In my case it is a small bus stop canopy.  Since then I have purchased and received the new ASCE 7-0-5  with a section, 6.5.13 which deals with this subject.  By the way thanks to all of you that answered my last post on this subject and who provided me with temporary faxes from this section.

The project has resurfaced for me to finish and I have a simple, maybe dumb question.


Anyway, section contains an equation using a value of Cn and refers to sections 6-18A through 6-18D.  Table 6-18B is the table in question for my little project.


Now for the dumb question.  I have searched and can not find a definition for “Load Case” which gives two options “A” or “B” to find the values for Cnw or Cnl.  Can someone explain or send me somewhere in the text for the definition.  Maybe I’m reading over the definition somewhere.





Joseph R. Grill, P.E. (Structural)

Shephard - Wesnitzer, Inc.

Civil Engineering and Surveying