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OT: E mail ids

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This is to inform those of you who often write
privately to me that I now  have an additional and
"easier to type and remember"  e mail id.

And that is <vish(--nospam--at)>

Vish is short for the common Indian name Vishwanath
hiq is an abbreviation of my company's name ((HI-Q
Design & Detailing Pvt Ltd)

My official e mail id which I use for all official
work is hiq(--nospam--at) but this is shared with all
my staff and I don't use it for personal mails.

My present personal "tongue twister" email id, which
is over 6 years old and which is still valid is

I have had a problem giving this email id to people
over the phone or in oral conversation. It's simply
unpronounceable and left my listeners clicking their
tongues in sympathy or disgust after they have begged
my pardon at least twice as I tried to tell them my
email id and they tried to note it down accurately.

I would spell out each letter G--V--S--H--W--N--T--H
slowly and clearly and they would still get at least
one character wrong. The "V" would end up as "B", "T"
would become "D" and I have missed receiving many
mails from them as a consequence.

I have only myself to blame.

When I registered for a yahoo email id over six years
ago, I tried the usual vishwanath and had no luck.
There are just too many of us out there stalking 
cyber space. Even prefixing G to vishwanath met with
failure to gain acceptance.

I tried the usual abbreviations : Vish, vishwa, GV.
Still no luck.
Yahoo would faithfully report like a conscientious
clerk that the e mail id I coveted is copyright and
not allowed.

It would helpfully suggest an alternative e mail id
which was nothing but some random number suffixed to
my preferred name, and further corrupted by an
irritating hyphen or an underscore character.

I would have none of that.

I hated having some strange number tagged on to my
That made me an insignificant entity.
My desire to have a unique identity was being denied
to me.
I refused to be recognized as a mere number like some
criminal sporting a numbered tag around his neck, or
an immature school or college boy identified better by
a roll number than by his name.

Desperately I tried some fancy names which had nothing
to do with my real name but hinted at some traits in
my personality.

I tried PolarBear(--nospam--at) 
I tried IceCream(--nospam--at)
I tried Igloo(--nospam--at)

(I simply love these furry animals and collect
pictures of them and  have often fantasized getting
away from it all and journeying to the Poles and
living in an igloo with a couple of Polar bears as my
pets, slurping ice-cream all day while these lovable
creatures faithfuly stood on guard and  scared away
any fabricator who came near asking when I am shipping
his shop dwgs.)

No luck. Even these names were taken.

Out of desparation I went back to my name G Vishwanath
and stripped of the vowels and ended up with gvshwnth
and offered that to the fussy yahoo email id allotting
I hit paydirt.
Yahoo most reluctantly accepted this crazy name.

I've been stuck with this name ever since.
It's served me faithfully but it's time I had some
consideration for others.
I now find myself using and quoting my email id more

In online forms that I fill out (and also in printed
paper forms), in polite conversation at parties and
gatherings. (Previously I would be giving my telephone
number. Nowadays it's my cell phone number and email

In fact just about any thing now requires me to quote
my email id.
So its time I had something simple and easy to
pronounce, tell and remember.

So vish(--nospam--at) is  my new choice.
I will continue to use the old faithful
gvshwnth(--nospam--at) for some more time and gradually
phase it out.

My friends on this list are requested to note this and
start using this in their future mails to me.


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