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RE: wind loads on canopies

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Working in FL, I have had many discussions with many engineers, and on 
the list, on this very subject. I do not have access to my ASCE 7-05 
at the moment to see what has changed.

One project we were doing was a large tollway canopy going over 10+ 
lanes of traffic, and was maybe 10ft deep vertically. It was not a 
surface I could disregard or just wanted to throw a number at it. The 
canopy of course was completely open and supported by moment frames. 
We ended up modeling the face of the canopy as a SIGN, and just used 
all ASCE sign loads, which to me seemed pretty conservative and 
accurate. We actually did several comparisions to other loads such as 
C and C, MWFRS, and finally used those. Since then, I have used those 
to design similar canopies like those found at hotel front entryways, 
gas stations, etc., as well as free stainding parapet and other 

The last time I checked is ASCE did not have several canopy choices, 
it was a monoslope roof right? So what to do in a 4:12 roof situation? 
ASCE somewhere in the back or front allows you to use other published 
load and coefficient numbers. I cannot remember for the life of me at 
the moment, but I had a book or some copies with a bunch of diagrams 
of all kinds of canopies with different slopes and shapes, and it was 
from a document that ASCE accepts. I will look for it when I get back 
home in a couple of weeks.


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