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Re: Fire Resistance Ratings

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2000 IBC Section 310.3 requires 1-hour separation (vertical and horizontal) between units.
2003 IBC Section  711.3 requires 1-hour fire rated floor/ceiling assembly between units. There is an exception if the building is fully sprinklered, the separation can be 1/2 hour.
Hope this answers your question.
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Subject: Fire Resistance Ratings

I am looking at a small 4-story condo building (<10,000 sf / floor.)
In looking at the IBC Table 503,  it looks like this qualifies as Type IIB construction.
Then going to Table 601,  it looks like the floor slabs are not required to have any fire rating.
Given this, would it be illegal (based on the IBC) for a unit owner to knock a hole completely through the concrete floor slab, such that the only separation between two units is provided by the wood flooring in the unit above and the suspended drywall ceiling in the unit below.  The hole is about 30 square inches - it looks like it was done accidentally by someone with a jack hammer who didn't know the slab was quite thin - it's a one-way joist system, they may have thought they were over a joist.
It seems like it would violate sound transmission requirements,  but I can't believe it doesn't also violate some fire safety requirement.
Gail Kelley

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