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tile buckling- cracking

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Did you take up some tiles to look at the slab?
Is this the ONLY place they are cracking or buckling?
Type of foundation, monolithic edge or separate wall ftg?
How close are the trees?

Also not sure I have a clear picture of the cut and fill site 

Other causes or contributors to tiles buckling and cracking are large 
runs of tiles without an expansion joint. I know nobody does this but 
the TIle Council reccomends it. Also, delamination can occur in 
installations on SOG that have a steel troweled finish rather then the 
preferred broom finish.

I also agree initially with Mathew, shrinkage and curling will be most 
restrained by the walls and the assumed footing (even more so with a 
monolithic footing). This can happen not just after the slab was 
placed, but throughout the life of the slab, with a high water table 
or moisture seeping up from a high water table or poor drainage around 
the house, I assume LA has a very LOW water table so it is more likely 
runoff from the street or the roof. But does it ever rain there?

Mathew wrote: Water has more than likely migrated under slab...and 
with top surface of
slab exposed to conditioned space curling of the slab can occur (top
surface is dryer than recently wet bottom and therefore shrinks 
to bottom causing curling of slab).


As water/moisture under slab recedes and subgrade dries out, curling
will dissipate.

Andrew Kester, PE
Lake Mary, FL

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