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Timber floor framing

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I am unfamiliar with this type of wood framing and was
wondering if anyone had experience or could provide
some information/details on this type of framing.  My
client would like to use 4x timber beams at 4'-0"oc
and 2x oak planks as the flooring system to a
residence.  This home is located in Florida.

I'm not quite sure how the system would go together. 
I believe that the flooring system wouldn't actually
be 2x planks similar to a patio deck.  I'm guessing is
that the floor sheathing would actually be multiple
layers (maybe 3?) of 1/2" plywood that would be
attached together to make a tongue and groove
connection.  I'm really not sure what type of nailing
would be required to connect the floor sheathing to
the 2x timber members.  I'm also assuming the timber
beam members would be supported on ganged 2x stud
posts or timber posts within the bearing wall.  

As you can tell, I'm pretty clueless on how this
system works.  I would appreciate any help that anyone
could give me.  Or, if someone could direct me to
where I may be able to find some more information or
typical details.

Thank you,

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