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RE: wood floor framing

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>From what I understand, your client wants to use 2x oak planks AS THE 
DECKING for the floor of a house. Is the floor to be exposed like 
cabin style? Are the exterior walls wood stud or CMU? What will the 
final floor finish be?

It would be a waste of wood to do multi-layers of plywood or other 
techniques, unless you got something really special going on. However, 
2x laid flat are not going to span 4´oc, I would go 2´ or maybe a 
little more (I have not calc´d it). If you are using oak 2x, that 
stuff is stiff as a board, pun intended. Depending on the beam spans 
and depths, 4x beams may be over designed but may be more 
architecturally pleasing. (FWIW, I built a deck walkway with soft ole 
S Pine and it is a single simple span of 22" and it does not deflect 
noticeably when I run on it (I cannot notice it), and I am about 2.5 
bills large (gosh that is embarassing)....)

Make them screw and glue the decking, you and the owner won´t regret 
it in a few years when they still have a nice quite floor. If it is 
not going to be exposed you can have them leave small gaps between the 
boards especially at the ends where they tend to rotate slightly and 
rub and make noises... As do nails when they loosen up.

Not much to it other then that, there are tons of books on wood 
framing showing all types of typical details and photos, etc., check 
online or your local home megastore for that matter. I can´t hold your 
hand too much more because you are in FL and this is up my alley, you 
can always sub it out to me :)  Let me know if you need any specific 
info, I am all for learning but.....

Andrew Kester, PE
Lake Mary, FL 

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