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Re: Pressure treated wood lagging

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There is a "foundation grade" level of treatment available in some (all?) preservative treated woods, which is higher than the "ground contact" level. The concentration will vary by type of preservative. Unfortunately, I don't have a handy reference available. The AWPA would be a good place to start looking, though.

Raymond Shreenan wrote:
Hi sport fans.
Is there a cert for pressure treated lumber that is for use below grade in contact with the ground?  My concern is that wood decay in 4x12 lagging used for shoring adjacent to and below a CMU property line bearing wall footing may cause settlement over a long term.  The lagging is supported by steel soldier piles and will remain in place after a concrete retaining wall is poured against it for a new subterranean garage structure. The lagging will be supporting a vertical cut 5' below the existing CMU wall footing.
I know there are at least three levels of CCA saturation in wood members by volume for different applications, but if the lumber is just treated for a sill plate type of use, I will not be able to tell by appearance only.
Thanks in advance for any advice or information you shoring experts have on this matter.
Ray Shreenan  SE
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