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Re: Timber floor framing

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On 23 Jun 2006 at 16:59, Brian wrote:

> List,
> I am unfamiliar with this type of wood framing and was
> wondering if anyone had experience or could provide
> some information/details on this type of framing.  My
> client would like to use 4x timber beams at 4'-0"oc
> and 2x oak planks as the flooring system to a
> residence.  This home is located in Florida.
> I'm not quite sure how the system would go together. 
> I believe that the flooring system wouldn't actually
> be 2x planks similar to a patio deck.  I'm guessing is
> that the floor sheathing would actually be multiple
> layers (maybe 3?) of 1/2" plywood that would be
> attached together to make a tongue and groove
> connection.  I'm really not sure what type of nailing
> would be required to connect the floor sheathing to
> the 2x timber members.  I'm also assuming the timber
> beam members would be supported on ganged 2x stud
> posts or timber posts within the bearing wall.  
> As you can tell, I'm pretty clueless on how this
> system works.  I would appreciate any help that anyone
> could give me.  Or, if someone could direct me to
> where I may be able to find some more information or
> typical details.
> Thank you,
> Brian

In addition to Scott's and Daryl's excellent replies, I would
add that a military document, UFC-???, has numbers on
the capacities for diaphragms made with roof and floor
systems framed this way.  There is a higher diaphragm shear 
capacity for placing the decking on a 45 degree slant instead  
of perpindicular to the floor joists.  I apologize for not having
the exact UFC number handy.  

Perhaps Buddy Showalter can lend some information from 
his organization on the use of this type of floor system as a 
shear diaphragm.

Take Care,
Lloyd Pack

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