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RE: Timber floor framing

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On 27 Jun 2006 at 8:06, Joe Grill wrote:

> Lloyd,
> Can you get the number for the UFC document.  I'm always looking for
> good references. 
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Joe and all others,

I apologize for messing this reference up so badly.  I was remembering
a project that I worked on that had this system for the roof diaphragm.
I pulled out the calculations for this project and found that I was remembering
TI-809-04, but that is not where the reference to the diaphragms was found.
We used this for shearwalls.  The reference for the diaphragms is in the
AF&PA AWC document Lateral Force Resisting Systems ASD/LRFD
Supplement - Special Design Provisions for Wind and Seismic, Table 4.2C.
I hope that this wasn't too confusing, and again apologize for the misleading
reference originally.

You can download this free document from AWC at:

It's called -Supplement - 2005 ASD/LRFD Wind/Seismic

Lloyd Pack