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Re: Log Strucutres - IS-LOG document

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I can think of two reasons why they do just the changed sections rather
than fully modified documents.

1) From my experience with ACI committees, in general, this is how the
committees operate.  They in general did not operate with a fully update
with "approved" modifications while they were proposing new changes.
As a result, ACI staff would put together a final, ready publication
version with all changes included on many documents.  This is part of
the reason why all those "we want free stuff" people don't understand
why it costs money publish many of those documents.  And frankly
this did not make sense to me.  I can say that when I left ACI, there was
a push (at least with ACI 318) to change this and have a fully updated
document with all approved changes made once they were approved.  Doing
this will help committee members know what is "current" so that when they
propose another change to a section, they will be starting with a version
that includes amy previous changes they have made in that cycle and can
make sure any further changes don't conflict with previous changes.  And
it helps staff once it is time to get the thing ready for "final" review
and publication.

2) Assuming that item #1 gets "resolved", you likely will still not
necessarily see a fully changed version.  This is because the second
reason is that they don't want to undermine their future revenue stream
most likely.  If you can get a draft version that is basically complete
with maybe very minor modifications, then it is more likely that you won't
buy the full, "official" version when it is done.  This is a big reason
why when ACI publishing changes to standards for public comment, you only
get that which is changes (added, deleted or modified) and not the fully
document with changes highlighted.  In ACI's case, it is also to save
paper as they will usually publish changes for public comment in Concrete
International (their magazine).


Adrian, MI

On Wed, 28 Jun 2006, Jordan Truesdell, PE wrote:

> Okay, just checked and apparently the only "intact" version is from May
> of 2005 - the first draft. No updates have been made to the full document
> (which is available for download). The 2nd and 3rd drafts - which look
> just like the standard, and are not identified as changed sections only,
> are just the changed sections. I'm sorry, but in an era of digital
> documentation why would you not publish the 3rd draft as the entire
> document, instead of as a compilation of changed sections? (sorry, rant
> off)

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