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Re: spam

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Yep, you go get a spam filter or just learn to hit the delete key
more often.  <grin>  ;-(

As I tried to point out before, this listserve setup is not designed to
"verify" email addresses.  And contrary to Dennis' belief, neither is his
listserve software that he using for his email lists.  With either
listserve system it is VERY easy to "spoof" an email address of a
legitimate list member and thus post messages (even large number of
messages) as that member of the list.  There is currently no real system
in place that can ensure that the person who the email says it is from is
really the person that sent the message (and I am not talking about
situations where someone somehow gets into your home or office computer
and using your computer and email client to send a message).

The point is that it is VERY easy for me (or anyone else) to send a
message to the list posing as you.  I can set my email client to send a
message to the list that will appear as if it came from you.  You would
not know that it was someone else sending the message unless you looked
closely at the email's Internet header and routing information...and even
then, that can be spoof too, but it MUCh harder to do, I believe.

So, the short of it is...either live with it or go get a spam filter that
will detect those messages (FWIW, the spam filter that runs on my email
account system [U of Michigan alumni account] caught every single one and
allowed me to route them to a spam folder).


Adrian, MI

On Wed, 28 Jun 2006, S. Gordin wrote:

> This morning, my SEAINT inbox was literally clogged with spam - again.
> Is there something that can be done?
> Steve Gordin SE
> Irvine CA

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