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Revision !!

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The draftsman and the engineer
Are men of skill and vision.
At least they are until they hear
That hated word, Revision.
The engineer with practiced eye
Surveys his grand design.
The draftsman then expertly draws
Each complicated line.
"Complete," the sigh contentedly,
"Miraculous precision."
Oh Optimist!  Tomorrow brings
Catastrophe ... Revision!
Revision One adds this new piece.
Revision Two improves it.
Revision Three makes it just right.
Revision Four removes it.
"You can't do this, you can't do that,
We'll wait for a decision,
But in the meantime, just revise
That last revised Revision."
Revise, Revise - that very word
Fills engineers with dread.
Though die they must, they'll be revised
To make darn sure they're dead.
We hope that God's no engineer
When He makes His decision.
For once they win their wings, they hope
There'll be no last Revision.
This poem appears in the Summer 2006 Issue of The Structural Engineer, the SEAoT State Newsletter.  It is attributed to John G. Morrison, P.E., R.A., of El Paso, Texas.  A long-time member of SEAoT, he passed away on December 22, 2005, at Age 63. 
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