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RE: Log Strucutres - IS-LOG document

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It is a giant conspiracy to sell more books.  I agree that it would be ok to add some stuff into the IBC chapter 23 and stick the rest in the NDS but that is a comment you can send to the people working on the standard.  I think you can make comments on line or e-mail them.

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You need a standard for this? Why not just an NDS-like document for logs? Why not add a reference into the IRC/IBC to use the ILBA span tables, or the round timber tables in the NDS with taper adjustments. By this standard, every plan still needs a professional's seal, unless the local inspector is willing to stick his or her neck out and approve the use of a non-ICC-sanctioned "prescriptive design" document. I'd rather see a single section in the IBC chapter 23 that says log structures shall be designed using rational engineering techniques until they actually provide prescriptive design guidance in a separate (or IRC included) code document.

Haan, Scott M POA wrote:
There is a good reason for the standard - try to get a building permit for a type of structure that is not mentioned in the building code because you have to respond to the same comments over and over again.  It can be a royal pain in the butt.
Also what do you use for design bending stress, compressive stress and modulus of elasticity for your logs.  Try to get a building permit in a place that does an actual structural plan review with assuming these values.  Even if the code says you don't need to design some log homes for lateral forces if the wall grids are laid out a certain way - you need to design log beams, columns and wall headers.
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