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More on " Did you know this?"

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Thanks for the suggestions that came my way.

To those who suggested I use it as a soporific, let me
state that I had already thought of this and was
hoping for some suggestions on more constructive use
of this facility on which the programmers must have
expended considerable energy.

For inducing sleep, I would prefer watching local TV

When that does not work, I read my old long posts to
the steel-detail list.

That never fails!

Maybe, as someone suggested, I will consider
downloading an entire e book and copying it to an MP3
player and have it read out to me during my morning
walks in the park.

(Tip: from July 4th to Aug 4th, about 300,000 e books
are available for free download from and

With smug satisfaction, I had passed on this Adobe
Reader tip (which I believed would be a hot tip) to my
20 year old son hoping the younger generation would
say "Wow! Imagine that!" and would have better ideas
on how to use it.

I drew a blank.

He wasn't impressed at all. He rather appeared bored.

I gave him a lecuture on the  good old days when we
worked with slide rules used manual typewriters, 
listened to radio and gramophone records instead of
watching TV  and how we have lived through the
computer/software/internet/communication revolution
and reiterated that this was something novel indeed
and despaired at the fact that the younger generation 
never appreciates our generations achievements fully.

He countered with :
What's novel about this ? Why only Adobe? Why only
pdf?  When software can convert bits and bytes to
music which you can hear, and pictures which you can
see  what's the big deal about Adobe reader "reading" 
out words which are also bits and  bytes?

He informed me that in Windows XP, you can go to

It will read out just about anything  not just pdf
files. You can make it read out what you key in. It
was intended for the visually impaired. 

I quietly retreated and determined never again to
confront the next generation.

How many of us have really explored Win XP?
I still use it assuming it's Win 2K even though I have
had it for quite some time.

May be when Windows Vista comes along I can be
pursuaded to put in some effort to get more familiar
with it so that it opens up new vistas in my ageing


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