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RE: Town homes project pricing

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Tell me about fruitless proposals!  My boss came to me two weeks ago and told me we needed to get more structural work as billing is down.  Then the next day told me no more work for realtors, no more residential inspections and no more FHA foundation inspections.  Too fraught with liability he said.   Yea, O.K., then he told me that he found out about another retired engineer in the area that is competing with us now.  He said his rate is about $30.00 an hour.  Must be supplementing retirement with a little pocket change.  I also have another retired engineer and a retired architect to compete with all charging small hourly rates.  Really hard to compete with my rate set by my employer, a large civil / surveying firm.  Needless to say it is nowhere near the $30 to $50 dollar range.


Employment is tenuous at best at the moment.




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I will be interested in hearing the responses to this question as I have been ask for proposals in similar situations in the past, although the last request was for a condo project.


We didn’t get the project.  Basically, due to the costs etc. we couldn’t do the project cheap enough for the developer.  We were even given the opportunity to redo our proposal, but just couldn’t make it work.



Well, more money for you means less money for him. I suspect that $300 plus full liability on your part would have worked.


(FWIW, I seem to be writing one fruitless proposal after another these days. Everyone appears to need a crowbar to open their wallets.