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Re: More on " Did you know this?"

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>Maybe, as someone suggested, I will consider
>downloading an entire e book and copying it to an MP3
>player and have it read out to me during my morning
>walks in the park.
Have you actually tried using the feature?  It's like having Steven Hawking read you a bedtime story.  The only book that should be listened to using that feature is "A Brief History of Time," because then it will seem like he's reading it just for you!

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May be when Windows Vista comes along I can be
pursuaded to put in some effort to get more familiar
with it so that it opens up new vistas in my ageing

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When Windows Vista is released, the average age of the subscribers to
this list will be 94. Bill Gates will have been dead 20 years. Chelsea
Clinton will be near the end of her second Presidential term. The colony
on Mars will have declared independence from Earth.

And we'll all have personal helicopters instead of cars. Finally.

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