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Re: structural light guage framing

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Just to add my 2 cents to the others' comments, I would get the "Lightweight Steel Design Manual" from AISI by Tom Trestain, who also wrote the Canadian version. I started going through your scenario about 10 years ago and have since learned most of what is needed.

However, the biggest lesson is that framers (at least in this area) are still relatively untrained compared to experienced wood framers, so it helps to know all of the connection requirements and details.

I still play it conservatively as you don't know what you may see in the field. I go heavy on my gauges (although that's a no-no here in metric-land) and I always specify that the cold-formed steel contractor shall submit shop detail drawings sealed by a P.Eng. so that I know at least 2 pairs of eyes are checking the connections.

Best of luck,

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