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Re: thin structural slab design

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why not composite metal deck and slab.  will span 13'.

On 7/7/06, Bruce Holcomb <bholcomb(--nospam--at)> wrote:

I am designing a thin elevated slab for an entry area on a condo project.
The slab is six bays long (17' each) by one bay wide (13').  Due to some
restrictions on thickness, I started analyzing a 5" thick slab with one mat
of rebar bearing on 8" diameter concrete piers.  Punching shear is giving me
fits.  Is there any merit to simply adding some additional horizontal rebar
over the columns and calculating shear friction to resist the punching
shear?  In a 5" slab and with the construction budget, hoops or stud rails
are probably not an option.

Bruce D. Holcomb, PE, SE

Butler, Rosenbury & Partners

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