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Re: How to set up out of office replies

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I assume that your company is using M$ Outlook with an M$ Exchange server.
If so, then I believe that you IT guys can select how the out of office
messages work.  I don't know fully what the options are, but I do know
that the company that I work for has it setup so that the Out of Office
system will only send one message to an internal email address.  In
otherwords, if someone within the company sends me a message while I have
it turned on, it will send the Out of Office message.  If that same person
sends me another message, then they will NOT receive a second Out of
Office message.  And if someone from outside the company sends me a
message, the Out of Office system will NOT send them an Out of Office
messasge.  I would assume (but that could make an a$$ of me) that there
would be a variation where someone outside of the company could get one
Out of Office message.  So, I would suggest that you talk with who ever
maintains/sets up your Exchange server.

The other possibility is to set up your own "manual" rule (i.e. use the
Rules Wizard).  Create a rule that will respond with a reply saying that
you are out of the office to everyone EXCEPT messages from
SEAINT(--nospam--at)SEAINT.ORG.  This will require creating a rule from a "blank rule".
First, select "Check messages when they arrive".  Next, don't select any
conditions to check when it arrives (i.e. allow all messages to be caught
by the rule).  Then, "reply with a specific template" (you will have to
create the template). And then last, select "except if from people or
distribution list" and have the "people or distribution list" be
SEAINT(--nospam--at)SEAINT.ORG.  That should work.  The only thing that I don't recall
is if Outlook will need to be running or not.  If you were not using an
Exchange server, then Outlook would HAVE to be running.  I just don't know
if the Exchange server will still process rules even if Outlook is not

FWIW, the reason that my company does not send "Out of Office" messages to
outside email addresses is that they don't feel it is smart to advertise
that one of their employees is out of the office and thus, likely out of
town (i.e. their house is potentially empty).  Just something to consider.


Adrian, MI

On Sat, 8 Jul 2006 William.Sherman(--nospam--at) wrote:

> What is the best way to set up automated replies when out of the office
> using MS Outlook?  I would like to notify others when I am out of the
> office without inundating the listserver with junk mail, but I would
> like to continue to receive postings from the listserver (i.e., I don't
> want to unsubscribe and later resubscribe).  How can this be set up?
> Bill
> William Sherman - CH2M HILL / Denver
> Structural Technology Discipline Leader
> - Civil / Federal Engineering Group (EPC/EDG)
> william.sherman(--nospam--at)
> 720.286.2792

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