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RE: Response to Kirtesh's concern (was: Is ASCE Competing Against Us?)

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It is possible that your company's email system is setup to automatically sent a "return receipt" when you read an email that has requested a return receipt.  If so, then there is nothing that you would have to do/configure to have a return receipt generated other than just read the message that is from some that has turned on the read/return receipt function.  I suggest that you talk with your IT folks and ask them if they have some sort of function like that turned on in Lotus Notes (the email client that you are using).  When you use a "corporate" email system like Lotus Notes or M$ Exchange, there are a lot of features that the IT folks can turn on or off that you as an end user have little to no control over.
Regardless, I doubt that it is a problem with the SEAINT server, although I don't have a real way to confirm it as I have already deleted the return receipt that you supposedly sent, so I cannot check the full Internet email header to see if it looks like the message really came from you/your email system.  I might be able to check it if you read this message as I have turned on the read/return receipt feature for this message.  Thus, if your system is setup to automatically supply a return receipt, then 1) just by reading this message, you will generate a return receipt and 2) if that happens, then I can take a look at the full Internet email header of the return receipt and see if it appears to have come from you/your email system.
Adrian, MI

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I could not understand how such delivery receipts are generated from my ID as I have never configured my mail ID for the same.
Recently I am receiving lots of similar junk mails from other members also.  Is there any problem in the seaint server?  Plz. check.

Kirtesh Gandhi


10/07/2006 10:16 AM

RE: Is ASCE Competing Against Us?

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