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Re: Structual Design of Glass

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I have not been following this tread carefully but if you are looking for design info/guides here are two Canadian sources:
1- "Structural Design of Glass in Buildings" - CAN/CGSB-12.20-M89
2- "Glass Design to Human Imact Load" - Glazing Cotractors Association of BC - October 2002

Reza Dashti P.Eng
Vancouver, BC

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Subject: Re: Structual Design of Glass
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2006 10:14:03 -0400

Thanks, everybody!

I've learned more about glass in the past 10 days than I've ever learned before. Most of what I previously knew came from looking at the bottom of a glass. There certainly appear to be some grey areas and not a lot of structural design info available.

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