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RE: Sections or Details

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Sections are cut from a plan, elevation, or another section, and represent a perpendicular view to the element cut from.  Drawing details typically are small portions of a plan or section that are enlarged to show more detail, generally "cut" using a circle with a leader line.  (It is preferable that the detail is drawn in the same orientation as the element it is cut from.)
Typical Details or Standard Details are enlarged details of specific items that are not specific to one location but may occur in numerous locations in a set of drawings.
Bill Sherman

From: Sklar, Mitch [mailto:mitch.sklar(--nospam--at)]
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Subject: Sections or Details

What is the proper title to be used for structural sections and details sheets? I normally refer to my typical as details and my specific cuts tied into the plan as sections. Opinions?
Mitchell J Sklar, PE, MBA
Structural Engineer