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Re: big dig structural failure - epoxy anchors overhead supporting gravity

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My reasoning is very primitive - may be, as primitive as that of General Sedgwick. 
Say, a fan is working on my deck right now, and boy, do we need those today in SoCal (although the breeze is very nice).  The fan may vibrate while working.  Now, if I place a sandbag on it - the vibrations will be much less without adding any rigidity to the system, just because of the increased mass.
Apparently, the subject ceiling does not have to have a lot of structural strength - other than what's required to support its own weight.  If those panels would be made of, say, steel decking, they will vibrate; fill the deck with concrete - for all practical reasons, they won't. 
Steve Gordin SE
Irvine CA
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Subject: Re: big dig structural failure - epoxy anchors overhead supporting gravity

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> However, here we are dealing with concrete "ceiling", so the mass is
> of value for curbing vibrations.
I sure don't see how that works.
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