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Update on H-1B Part 1

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Attention SEAINT   (

It has been a while since I've read, seen postings on (SEAINT)  the H-1B  issue.
It might be time for an update....   And  just where are Engineering Societies on the H-1B issue??   Discussions  ????
I've been  only reading,  hearing, seeing comments  from  IEEE-USA....   And then there is the Programmers Guild  (
So where are the rest of the American engineering associations on this  (critical)  issue?
So just where the likes of  NSPE, ASCE,  NCSEA   on this issue??  I'm not reading, seeing much of anything coming from the above.
Yet in recent months I've received hundreds   (yes!  hundreds)  of messages  coming from  disgruntled  IT,     engineering workers.   I've  also received dozens of messages  from the officers, directors,  even the staff  at      
Disturbing to me is the fact I am not reading hearing  much of anything  from other engineering associations.   What have you read, seen  from   ASCE, NSPE, NCSEA  ?
IEEE-USA, and have been active in  spreading the word on the abuses of the H-1B program.
Part II  coming   -     Bob Johnson
contributor to